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Archie Roach

Origin: Framingham Aboriginal Mission, near Warramboolin, southwestern Victoria, Australia
Genre/styles: Folk, Rhythm & Blues

Archie Roach’s long life partner is Ruby Hunter.


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For me music is today what it has always been… a good place to go.—Archie Roach [1]


Charcoal Lane

Released 1990
  1. Native Born
  2. Charcoal Lane
  3. Muntana
  4. I've Lied
  5. Down City Streets
  6. Took The Children Away
  7. Sister Brother
  8. Beautiful Child
  9. No No No
  10. Summer Of My Life

Releases: 1990 (Aurora, Australia), 1992 (Hightone, Canada), May 1999 (Warner).

Jamu Dreaming

Released March 1993
  1. Weeping In The Forest
  2. From Paradise
  3. Mr T
  4. Love In The Morning
  5. Tell Me Why
  6. Walking Into Doors
  7. Wild Blue Gums
  8. So Young
  9. Angela
  10. Jamu Dreaming
  11. There Is a Garden

Looking For Butterboy

Released September 1997
  1. Beggar Man
  2. A Child Was Born Here
  3. My Grandmother
  4. Dancing (With My Spirit)
  5. F Troop
  6. Mother's Heartbeat
  7. Djabugai Lady
  8. Hold On Tight
  9. River Song
  10. Reach For You
  11. Give Unto Caesar
  12. Lois St John
  13. Watching Over Me

Andrew Denton’s Musical Challenge

Andrew Denton's Musical ChallengeAndrew Denton's Musical Challenge
Released 2000
  1. Play That Funky Music

Archie Roach contributed track 26 to this album.

Sensual Being

Released July 2002
  1. Alien Invasion
  2. Life Is Worth Living
  3. Just a Little Time
  4. Will I See You Tonight
  5. Mission Ration Blues
  6. Outside Your Window
  7. Many Waters Rise
  8. Cold Wind Blows
  9. Free To Be a Man
  10. Morning Star
  11. Move It On
  12. Small Child

The Definitive Collection

Released July 2004
  1. Took The Children Away
  2. A Child Was Born Here
  3. Just A Little Time
  4. Tell Me Why
  5. Beggar Man
  6. Alien Invasion
  7. From Paradise
  8. Reach For You
  9. Louis St John
  10. Free To Be A Man
  11. Walking Into Doors
  12. Jamu Dreaming
  13. Weeping In The Forest
  14. Beautiful Child
  15. Small Child
  16. Charcoal Lane
  17. Down City Streets
  18. Watching Over Me


Released November 2007
  1. Little Sisters (special place)
  2. Travellin' Bones
  3. Old People Singing
  4. John Pat, Liyarn Ngarn
  5. Never Blood
  6. Too Many Bridges
  7. Lighthouse (song for two mothers)
  8. Spirit Of Place, Your Old Ones

Archie Roach - 1988

Released 13 November 2009
  1. Weeping In The Forest
  2. Native Born
  3. Sister Brother
  4. Archie's Introduction To 'Took The Children Away'
  5. Took The Children Away
  6. Bicentennial Blues
  7. Beautiful Child
  8. Archie's Introduction To 'Give Us Back Our Dancing'
  9. Give Us Back Our Dancing
  10. F Troop
  11. Reach For You
  12. Christmas Eve
  13. The People Of Sorrow
  14. Blood And Tears
  15. Keep Your Handouts Give Us Back Our Land
  16. Archie Roach Interview (1988)
  17. Archie Roach Interview (2008)

This album captures some of the first ever recordings by a young Archie Roach. As a bonus at the end of the CD is an interview with Archie recorded on March 1st 1988, followed by a short interview recorded 20 years later in September 2008.

Into The Bloodstream

Released 19 October 2012
  1. Into the Bloodstream
  2. Song to Sing
  3. Big Black Train
  4. Heal the People
  5. Mulyawongk
  6. We Won't Cry (feat.Paul Kelly)
  7. Wash My Soul In the River's Flow
  8. I'm On Your Side
  9. Little By Little
  10. Hush Now Babies (feat.Emma Donovan)
  11. Top of the Hill
  12. Old Mission Road

The cover shows a blood cell on the left and a detail from a painting by Robert Lowe Snr on the right. The painting depicts the Aboriginal mission at Framingham, south-west Victoria, where Archie grew up. The 18 dots represent the mission huts.

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[1] 'He's on the way back', Koori Mail 496 p.16

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