Break Your Walls

A poem by Abi DRabi, NSW

Get rid of your self-hatred
As that is your true enemy
Your self-esteem will be lifted
When you accept yourself totally

We know you have been wounded
And hurt by all those haters
But your heart must be open
To go through the healing stages

You must not live in prison
Inside of your human body
As you are supposed to be free
So you can enjoy your life properly

Forgiveness is the answer
Although it’s hard to do
But that is the real test
To see if you are true

A man is who he is
Because of the attitude of his heart
So let down your defences
As so far you have been on guard


  • What does the author of this poem encourage you to do?
  • In a few words, describe how you would do this.
  • Has this poem been written for an Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal person?
  • What subconscious issue addresses the poem in Australian society?

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