I am Different

A poem by Michele ‘Mickey’ Hetherington, NSW.

Nothing fits me, and it’s not about my clothes.
Nothing fits me, and no one even knows.

I am different, though it’s not about my hair.
I am different, and I want someone to care.

I feel lonely that nobody can see 
that I’m lonely because I am me.

I can’t just change into something that will fit,
I am different and that’s all there is to it.

I hope that one day you will see, 
just how sad being different can be,

I wonder, will there ever be 
a place for me.

Thank you Mickey for sending me your poem!


  • What is it that doesn’t fit the author?
  • Using an experience of your own, explain how does being different can make you feel lonely.
  • How do you think you can overcome the feelings of loneliness and sadness? Who would need to change?
  • Find and discuss links between the struggle of many Aboriginal people with their identity and feeling different.

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