Just Another Drunk Black?

Just Another Drunk Black? by Colleen Kitchener, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

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Just another drunk black is what u said,
When u came n 'helped' him today,
Your eyes were filled with a look of disgust,
As you came and took him away.

Who the hell are you to judge him, I ask,
Do you think ur shit really don't stink?
Just because he has dark skin,
Doesn't mean he always drinks.

Guess what hero, he wasn't drunk,
He had a fit and was really unwell,
U can take ur prejudice Ambo driver,
And stick it up ur butt and go to hell.

People like you make me sick,
And you have the hide to hold ur head up high,
It's nice to know with people like u around,
Prejudice will never die… [1]

Explore the poem

  • What do you know about Aboriginal people and alcohol? Where did these views come from?
  • Find out how many times the media link Aboriginal people with alcohol. How many times do they the same with white people?


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[1] Koori Mail 499 p.23

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