Long Ago Days

Long Ago Days by Dan Davis, Queensland

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Life is too short, my hair never gets long.
I like to sing, if I know the words to the song.
Learning my culture, playing the Didgerdoo.
Long Ago Days, the Dreamtime for me and you.

It's what you make it, life that is and that's a known fact.
If I could return to the Dreamtime, I'd happily go back.
Living off the land, obeying the Tribal Ways.
Nothing was forgotten, back in those long ago days.

Long Ago Days? That's the truth such a long time now.
No need to ask those questions, Who, What, When, How.
But we live for our people, even now it stills seems hard.
Any contact to anything fair, is like walking in the dark.
Those Long Ago Days, just a moment if I could take.
What a difference to me, what a difference it would make.

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