No Disgrace

No Disgrace by Coralie Cassady, Queensland

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There is no disgrace,
So proudly show your Aboriginal face.

Once upon a time,
We Aborigines were regarded as small-time.

But positive happenings for Aborigines,
Are beginning to brilliantly shine.

Aborigines, you are doing it just fine.

We have been constantly put down,
Messed around,
But our Aboriginal culture still strongly abounds.

Who is now having the last laugh?

One thing's for sure,
Aborigines don't do things by half.

Internationally recognized Aboriginal band,
Yothu Yindi,
Sing to the world,
About our heritage, misery and loss of land.

Aboriginal paintings adorn many walls.
We have picked ourselves up,
Since our two hundred years ago fall.

We are definitely making our own tracks,
We are no longer considered as 'Myall blacks'.

Coralie has published many more poems in her two booklets Poetic Perspective and Proper Deadly Poetry. Her poems cover all aspects of Aboriginal life and offer a rare insight into her culture.

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