Proud Murri

Proud Murri by Dan Davis, Queensland

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I'm proud to be a Murri, proud to be a true Australian.
I'm proud of my culture, my heritage, that's what makes me who I am.

My father, he Kukuyalanji, my mother Baradah woman.
But all we are family, we are all one of many men.
I'm proud to be a Murri, I'm not ashamed of who I am.

I'm not one of those gammon Murris who think they're only half.
When I hear people talk like that, I just look at them an laugh.

Did I tell you I'm living as a proud Murri, I'll die as one too.
All the way from Bluff, real Murri through and through.

But ashamed I don't know my culture as well as I would like.
I guess that's my regret, not knowing my language and ways of living,
   that's my right.

But still, I'll stand ten feet tall when someone says 'who here belong
   to this country?'
I'll jump up and say 'that's me mate,' I'm proud to be a Murri. [1]


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[1] 'Proud Murri', Koori Mail 431 p.24

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