Society by Dan Davis, central Queensland

I don't wanna live in shame, no regrets, or burdens or fear.
I don't wanna feel out of place whenever strangers are near.

Yet that's the way some of us feel, that's how it's become.
That's where society has put us, since they've taken us away from where we come from.

We sometimes feel like we don't belong in those flash shops with fancy clothes.
When we say 'Hello' to some they just turn up their nose.

I sometimes wish I was perfect like them, or so they seem to think.
They think we don't wanna really live, just sit around and drink.

I can't believe there's still prejudice around, in these days that we live.
They seem to be the only ones taken, and we're the ones who give.

What's up with society, when do we get a break.
We don't ask much, just a change for our own sake.

Society, society, to me that's a made-up word.
Just like 'Justice', that's another gammon word one I've heard.

Society, Society, Society.

Thank you Dan for contacting me and sharing this poetry of yours.

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