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Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout

Since 2003, Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout has brought attention to Aboriginal culture through their Blue Mountains walking tour, an immersive cultural experience that pulls Aboriginal knowledge out of static museums.

Don’t be mistaken: This is is what one participant described as “a strenuous hike though a beautiful region of the Blue Mountains”. It is a tour not for very small children, the disabled, or elderly because of the amount of mobility required to climb over wet rocks, steep inclines, and slippery brush.

But there are plenty of breaks while you hear about the nature or the stories.

You’ll see ancient carvings and hear the stories that they tell. You will learn some of the symbols and rituals. You will have a beautiful hike deep in the green of the woods. You will come to understand, even if only lightly, the philosophy, the lore of the aboriginal people.

  • Aboriginal-owned and guided you learn by following a traditional walkabout song line.
  • 7kms challenging off-track walk through a secluded Blue Mountains rainforest.
  • 7.5hrs in the bush; 3.5hrs of walking intertwined 4hrs of relaxation and activities.
  • Route varies seasonally so you stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

What you can experience: Ancient art, ceremonial sites, artefacts, Dreaming stories, ochre bark and body painting, bush tucker tasting, rituals, wildlife and sandstone caves, crystal clear billabong of a rainbow waterfall, sun bake on golden sand.

Half-day or full-day tours available.

Tours start at Faulconbridge railway station and end at Springwood station (to the east of Faulconbridge, see map below).

Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout
Phone: 0408 443 822

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