Sydney Observatory


Aboriginal-related programme of the observatory

The Sydney Observatory offers information about how Aboriginal people used the stars to find their way around the land and for ceremonies.

Part of the permanent exhibition are also 3 Aboriginal stories which are shown in a small cubicle which quickly gets sticky when there are many visitors.

  1. The first story is the Goori Goori Bird from the Bidjara Aboriginal people, northeast of Brisbane in the Carnavon Ranges in Queensland.
  2. The second story, The Moon And His Two Wives comes from the Gapuwiyak community in Arnhemland from the Northern Territory.
  3. Wooddee Gooth-Tha-Rra and the Min-Ma Birnee (The Two Wise Men and the Seven Sisters) originates from the Wong-Gu-Tha nation from the Ooldea, Maralinga area in Central Australia.

These stories and many more have been published by Aboriginal Nations Pty Ltd. The company offers The Dreaming Series 1-6 with each series containing several traditional stories. The stories shown in the observatory are taken from series 2. Contact Aboriginal Nations for more details.

Sydney Observatory Sydney Observatory. Aboriginal history offered is limited but while you’re there don’t miss the three Aboriginal stories shown at the ground floor.

How to get there

From Circular Quay walk west until you meet George Street. Turn north (towards the bridge) then left at the intersection with Argyle Street. Follow that street until you can make a sharp left turn, up the hill, into Watson Road. The observatory is on top of that hill.

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