Malcolm Douglas’ Crocodile Park

Malcolm produces the well-knows TV series “In the Bush with Malcolm Douglas” which is very popular in Germany.

If you’re ever in Broome, visit this crocodile park - it’s really worth it! You’ll get the “I’m scared”-factor for free observing 5m-crocs basking in the sun which have been caught because they killed a horse…

Feeding tours (highly recommended!) are scheduled daily at 3.45pm. The park is open daily 3.30pm to 5pm.

Malcom Douglas on TV

Fridge magnet of Broome Crocodile Park Malcolm’s German TV series Unterwegs mit Malcolm Douglas is well known in Germany. It runs on the German channel Kabel 1.

Australian TV broadcaster Channel 7 screens the English series which is called Walkabout with Malcolm Douglas (click link for an episode guide).

Some episodes also screened in the The World Around Us series.

About Malcolm Douglas

Malcolm revealed more details in an interview recorded by Kabel 1 in July 2002 when he visited Germany:

The best reward for my work is the pleasure my films create for viewers—in Australia since almost 30 and in Germany since about 10 years.—Malcolm Douglas

Douglas is a “real character”, with the sort of colourful life many Australians have the courage to lead, not worrying too much about papers and seizing opportunities as they come up.

Malcolm’s brother about Malcolm

Stuart Douglas, the younger brother of Malcolm, tells the story of when they grew up in Nauru.

Malcolm had borrowed a spear from the family’s houseboy after promising him he would look after it. However, after an attempt at spearfishing , the spear got lodged in a fish and sank to the bottom.

“Malcolm dived and dived and dived and he got it and when he came up, blood started coming out of his ears and nose,” recalls Stuart.

But he had promised the houseboy the spear would be okay. [1]

I wonder when he's going to get a proper job.—Malcolm's mum about Malcolm [1]

Wie Malcolm zu den Krokodilen kam (German)

Schon in der Schule fiel Malcolm auf, weil er ständig Käfer, Frösche und andere Tiere mit in den Unterricht brachte. Seine Liebe zur Natur wird in lebenslang begleiten. Doch der Weg war nicht immer leicht. Mehr…

Contact Malcolm’s Crocodile Farm

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Sadly, Malcolm Douglas passed away on September 22, 2010, when he became pinned between the door of his four-wheel-drive and a tree [1]. He was 69 years old.

Known titles of Malcolm Douglas’ series

This series was produced from 1976 to 1992 with a total of 48 episodes. A video tape edition of the series was never published in the American or German market, but you can order his DVD series.

If a series consists of multiple parts the number is added in brackets.

German titleEnglish title | Episode guide
Abenteuer in Tasmanies rauher SeeBass Strait adventure
Abenteuer Kimberley (1-6)Kimberley adventure with Malcolm Douglas (1-6)
Abseits des Highway Nr. 1 (1-6)Around Australia with Malcolm Douglas (1-6)
Am anderen Ende der WeltNorth from Broome
Anleitung zum KrokodilfangCatching crocodiles
Auf menschenleeren Flüssen (1-2)Canoes in the Kimberley (1-2)
Auf sich allein gestellt (1-2)Survival in the outback with Malcolm Douglas (1-2)
Australien wilder NordwestenThe wild North West
Das große FlußabenteuerThe big river adventure
Das überflutete Paradies (1-2)One wet season (1-2)
Dem Barramundi auf der Spur (1-4, I-II)In search of the big Barra with Malcolm Douglas (1-4, I-II)
Der Norden ist heiss (1-2)Across the top (1-2)
Der Norden ist heiss - Ein Wiedersehen (1-2)Across the top again (1-2)
Der Sonne nach (1-2)Follow the sun (1-2)
Der Todesmut der Perlentaucher (1-2)The pearling coast (1-2)
Die Aborigines an der Arafura SeeIslands of Arnhem Land
Die große AbgeschiedenheitOver the range
Die letzten ihres StammesThe last of a tribe
Die Spur der BrunnenThe Canning Stock Route
Die Suche nach dem WarabiJourney to Bigge Island
Die Tropenstadt am MeerLife in Broome
Ein Leben mit Krokodilen (1-6)Malcolm Douglas living with crocodiles (1-6)
Einsames, schönes Land (1-4, I-II)My country the Kimberley (1-4, I-II)
Faszination Australien: Die Korallenküste (1-2)The Coral Coast with Malcolm Douglas (1-2)
Im Land der Langboote (1-4)Land of the long canoes (1-4)
Im Land der roten Dünen (1-2)West of the Rock (1-2)
Im Paradies der MeeresschildkrötenBeyond the Kimberley
In den Schneefeldern Australiens (1-2)A season of snow (1-2)
In der Heimat der UreinwohnerJourney into yesterday
Kakadu und Kimberley (1-4, I-II)Kakadu to the Kimberley (1-4, I-II)
Lebensraum WüsteMen of the desert
Mit dem Kanu durch die Bergschluchten (1-2, I)Canoes in the Kimberley (1-2, I)
Mit Malcolm Douglas im australischen Busch (1-4, I-II)In the bush with Malcolm Douglas (1-4, I-II)
Niugini - NeuguineaNorth to Niugini
Rückkehr in die WüsteReturn to the desert
Sommer auf Tasmanien (1-2)One summer (1-2)
Über die Sandbank (1-2)Crossing the bar (1-2)
Überleben im Outback (1-4, I-II)Survival in the outback (1-4, I-II)
Verloren in den Sümpfen (1-2)The Macquarie Marshes (1-2)
Wege in die Einsamkeit (1-4, I-II)Along the track (1-4, I-II)
Wiedersehen mit dem heißen NordenReturn to the top


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