Things to do at Kalbarri

You can feed the pelicans or ride the horse at Kalbarri.

Pelican feeding

What a wonderful bird is the Pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can.—From an advertisement for the feeding

The pelican feeding happens each morning at 8.45 am. There’s a special feeding area. But as people gather there and wait for the pelicans to walk in I wasn’t so sure anymore what was more interesting: the group of pelicans on the water, still too timid to approach, or the crowd of people, muttering much like a flock of birds. Don’t even think about taking photographs - it’s much more advisable to wait beneath the beach for the feeding “ceremony” to end.

Pelicans in the Murchison River. They just laugh at the tourists… Pelicans in the Murchison River. They just laugh at the tourists…

Horse riding

Do you love horse riding? At Big River Ranch, a few k’s out of Kalbarri, there’s the opportunity to ride along Murchison River. Some experience is needed as you’ll trot and canter every now and then. It is really worth while as you ride through the bush and get wonderful views of the land and the river.

However, the promise of the ads for “great photos” is valid only as far as photography during the stops is concerned. While you’re on the horse it is not allowed for security reasons. When I was riding it was raining, but the bush exhaled a wonderful smell of water, eucalyptus and earth. Few people ever experienced such a ride, I guess, although it ruined my jeans…

Rides can be booked from the backpacker or directly at the Ranch:

Big River Ranch
Freecall 1800 639 468

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