Kelly’s Knob

A great place to conclude the day though the passage is not known to everyone.

Sweeping views

Do you like sunsets? Want to have a spectacular view on Kununurra, Mirima National Park and the land surrounding the town? Well, the “Kununurra Backpackers” offers a free drop-down on Kelly’s Knob, the highest point of the area, only a short way from the hostel. There’s a secret passage which leads you to the top of the cliff (the hostel knows all the details). A MUST for sentimental blokes…

The true name

According to Harvey Arden’s “Dreamkeepers” Kelly’s Knob is called “Mirima” by the Aboriginals. This seems fit since within walking distance of Kununurra you can enjoy Mirima (Hidden Valley) National Park. The name stands for “Pelican Dreaming”.

Kununurra. View from Kelly's Knob at sunset. Kununurra. View from Kelly's Knob at sunset.

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