Pinnacles (Nambung)



The town was named after the American whaling ship Cervantes that was wrecked on a small island just off shore of the town in 1844. She had anchored there to fish but a strong gust of wind drove her on the sandy beach. She was sold as she stood with all her provisions and stores, having suffered only little damage. She still lies in two metres of water.

Nambung (Pinnacles) National Park

Nambung National Park is on the Swan Coastal Plain, 245 kms from Perth. It contains one of Australia’s most fascinating landscapes, the Pinnacles Desert.

To get to the Nambung National Park it’s best to spend the night in Cervantes. You get there with the shuttle bus that picks you up at Cataby. This is a really bad spot as the shuttle bus has to drive a long way back to the original pick up, Cervantes Turn-off. But Greyhound chose Cataby, and some think it’s to pick on the local shuttle operator (“Happy Tours”) which has taken over what Greyhound used to do: running the Nambung National Park tours.

Pinnacles National Park will always surprise you (Here a young Italian woman is peeking out of a hollow pinnacle). Pinnacles National Park. You'll be surprised what you can find in the National Park…

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