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Deep Water Tears - The Dreaming Series Book 1



Rachel cannot imagine a life away from ‘Binda’, her home in the bush, where the Macquarie River flows alongside her back door.

Her childhood days are spent with her neighbour and biracial best friend, Darel; exploring and learning about the Australian bush and the Wiradjuri Aboriginal culture, through the teachings of his part-Aboriginal mother.

At their favourite meeting place, the dividing fence between the two properties, they share all their secrets, including what Darel has told Rachel about his mother’s experience as one of the Stolen Generations.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s mother, Betty Winton, looks to the future and will go to any length to separate her only daughter from an ‘unsuitable’ relationship.

Rachel is sent to boarding school, and a few years later the family home is sold to Darel’s parents, the Rutherfords. Rachel struggles to come to terms with losing Binda and her best friend, but later, when Darel re-enters her life with a woman by his side, she finally decides she must let go of the past, once and for all.

But could what she thought to be her greatest loss, actually be the key to finding her greatest joy?

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Book 2: Grace
Book 3: Barons Reach

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