Traditional Healers of the Central Desert: Ngangkari



Traditional Healers of the Central Desert contains unique stories and imagery and primary source material: the ngangkari speak directly to the reader.

Ngangkari are senior Aboriginal people authorised to speak publicly about Anangu culture and practices. The Anangu are Western Desert Aboriginal people. It is accurate, authorised information about their work, in their own words.

The practice of traditional healing is still very much a part of contemporary Aboriginal society. The ngangkari currently employed at NPY Women’s Council deliver treatments to people across a tri-state region of about 350,000 sq km, in more than 25 communities in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Acknowledged, respected and accepted, these ngangkari work collaboratively with hospitals and health professionals even beyond this region, working hand in hand with Western medical practitioners.

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