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Jackson’s Track : Memoir of a Dreamtime Place



In 1936, at the height of the Great Depression, Daryl Tonkin and his brother Harry head to the bush searching for work and adventure. The following year they set up a timber mill at Jackson’s Track-a dreamtime place-in the rich temperate forests of south-eastern Victoria.

An experienced bushman, the ‘quiet type’, Daryl works to clear the scrub; exploring the land and its ancient people, he unexpectedly falls in love. But Daryl is white and Euphie is black, and neither of them is prepared for the conflict their forbidden love ignites.

This riveting memoir recaptures a community, place and way of life long vanished. It tells of one man’s courage to pursue what he knows is right.

An unforgettable true story of joy and tragedy, and of hope in the face of adversity.

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