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The Little Red Yellow Black Book



The Little Red Yellow Black Book is an authoritative introduction to Aboriginal Australia.

It includes real-life case studies and covers history, culture, arts, sport, languages, population, health, participation in education and the workforce, governance, resistance and reconciliation.

Aboriginal history doesn’t start with Captain Cook, but instead acknowledges Australia’s 60,000 years existence. The Little Red Yellow Black Book is published by the world’s premier research and collecting institute for Australian Indigenous studies.

Easy-to-read and written as a first-person Indigenous narrative, there is something in it for everyone. Topics include sports, education, the arts, governance, native title, health, and more.

The book also includes mini-essays, some rarely seen photographs, travel information, a timeline, a list of festivals and tours, and a website with teachers’ notes. With its attractive design, lucid writing, and beautiful illustrations, it is destined to become the ‘standard’ introduction to Aboriginal Australia.

If you weren't taught about Indigenous Australians at school, or you're confused bu the many negative stories in the media, then The Little Red Yellow Black Book is the perfect starting point to learn more. —Rhonda Black, Aboriginal Studies Press

Books about blackfellas don't sell. Can't you write about something else?—A publisher to Bruce Pascoe

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