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Checkerboard Love

Anita Heiss | Australia 2004 | 5 min

Checkerboard Love is a short film about an mixed-race couple whose parents will meet for the first time; and it’s more stressful than usual.

Should they keep their Aboriginal decoration or replace it with “traditional white” icons?

Will this interracial couple leave the Shakespeare on the bookshelf and the dreamcatcher on the wall?

Still image of Checkerboard Love Checkerboard Love: Should they change the Aboriginal image before their parents visit them?

Cast Rowena Lawrie - Aboriginal woman
Adam Grubner - White man
Release dates 2004 - Australia
Video/DVD Release Date
Rating G - general
Language level medium
Genre Short

Anita Heiss is a successful Indigenous writer. Check out some of her books in my Aboriginal books section.

Visit Anita Heiss’ website.

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