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Creative Spirits is becoming an Aboriginal-owned and led organisation.

As a non-Aboriginal person I know it is essential to be respectful and observe cultural protocols when I write about a culture I am not part of.

The majority of quotes on this site are from Aboriginal people in order to strengthen their voice. I am using the term 'Aboriginal' as it is the least contested term. To the best of my abilities I ensure that no article contains restricted or sacred information or appropriates culture.

Through an annual donation program and by supporting the works of Aboriginal authors, musicians and artists I give back to community every year.

But Aboriginal histories and cultures are best taught by Aboriginal peoples.

That is why I have decided to change how Creative Spirits operates. It will transition via several stages, and at a pace that allows comfortable and thoughtful implementation of the changes required for each stage.

A first step is to engage Aboriginal graphic designers and editors to update the popular infographics and ensure all articles are culturally sound.

I am also looking for Aboriginal organisations and groups to partner with.

It is my hope that an Aboriginal-owned and led comprehensive resource will support Australians and Aboriginal people hungry for truth-telling on their way towards conciliation and healing.

If you are Aboriginal and want to join or help, contact me today.


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[1] Cultural appropriation includes taking of traditional knowledge, cultural artefacts, ceremony, iconography or other cultural intellectual property without consent and outside of cultural protocols.

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