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I knew it! We humans are hard-wired for curiosity. We naturally want to learn and explore. That's why this website exists, after all. And whenever there is a little mystery, our brains seek to solve it. And I guess that's why you're here.

I love to share, not only what I've learned but also the cool and helpful tools I'm using. Just be careful when you click...

Organising your documents

I document a lot – all the news articles that I use, the invoices I receive, texts I write and reminders I need.

Wouldn't it be good to have a note-taking software you can use on your computer, phone or via a browser while travelling?

An app that helps you stay organised with digital documents and scans PDFs and images for text so I you search all the PDFs you've saved? Cool!

Best note-taking app?


I use Evernote. They also offer a free plan that gets you started.

A better bank

When the big four banks went through their scandals I decided to go with another bank and haven't looked back since.

This one has a pleasant and pain-free onboarding process and their web interface is very clean. But the best bit is that they reimburse your overseas conversion fees and offer a competitive savings rate.

Want to join a cool bank?


Then you should sign up to ING Bank.

Technology & office

When I upgraded my phone I had no idea that I had used the same supplier that supplied my previous one!

I love that they're of reasonable size (as someone said, "they can't run away easily"), have competitive prices and that their customer service responded quickly to my pre-sale questions.

Who's that good?


That supplier is Kogan. And if you click this Kogan link you'll get $5 credit for free.

Handling email subscribers

For several years I was "driving a Holden" with the software that handled my subscribers: designing the emails, putting together sequences, keeping track of unsubscribes or email updates etc.

But since switching to this gem I just love to login each time I need to do subscriber work.

It is well designed and supports my workflows well. Yes, it's not cheap – but you get what you pay for (you know what I mean if you've ever driven a Mercedes). And their customer support team rocks.

How about taking this Merc for a free spin?


The guys at ConvertKit allow you to test the waters with their free plan, including your first 1,000 subscribers.

My content management system

Many years ago, when I selected my first CMS, I picked one that wasn't wildly known but had very few security issues. (Mind you, the list for WordPress doesn't end – still today!)

I did the same for my second and current CMS. Security is that important. But not only is it very secure, it is also well designed, a pleasure to work with and write template and styling code for. And their developer never seems to sleep.

Wow! What was the name again?


Look no further than Craft CMS.

E-learning course

My foray into e-learning is still in its infancy. But one platform offers a free starter plan (which attracted me to try things out).

It allows you to get started with a short course without having to worry about how to manage students and completions. And if you subscribe to their newsletter they'll teach you heaps as well – if you're teachable, that is.

Now guess the company name!


This is Teachable.


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