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I love to share, not only what I've learned but also the cool and helpful tools I'm using. [1] Just be careful when you click...

Organising your documents

This can change your life for every note after!


I document a lot – all the news articles that I use, the invoices I receive, texts I write and reminders I need.

For all of this I use Evernote, a note-taking software I use on my computer, phone or via a browser while travelling. The software has finally shedded some persistent formatting issues and helps me stay organised with my digital documents. It even scans PDFs and images for text.

Ordering hardware

Accidentally I selected the same supplier twice...


When I upgraded my phone I had no idea that I had used the same supplier that supplied my previous phone – Kogan. I just like that they're of reasonable size (as someone said, "they can't run away easily"), have competitive prices and that their customer service responded quickly to my pre-sale questions. (Agent Explorer, if you also click the Kogan link you'll get $5 FREE credit!)

Handling email subscribers

These folks need special handlers!


For several years I was "driving a Holden" with the software that handled my subscribers: designing the emails, putting together sequences, keeping track of unsubscribes or email updates etc.

But since switching to ConvertKit I just love to login each time I need to do subscriber work. It is well designed and supports my workflows well. Yes, it's not cheap – but you get what you pay for (you know what I mean if you've ever driven a Merc!). And their customer support team rocks.

My content management system

Almost no-one knows this system. Why?


Many years ago, when I selected my first CMS, I picked one that had a good reputation on a site that compared CMS security issues. (Mind you, the list for WordPress doesn't end!)

For my second and current CMS, I revisited that site and found that Craft CMS also has an excellent reputation. But not only that, I like it because it's well designed, a pleasure to work with and write template and styling code for.

E-learning course platform

Not so windy on this platform :-)


My foray into e-learning platforms is still in its infancy. The Teachable platform offers a free starter plan (which attracted me to try things out) which allowed me to get started with a short course without having to worry about how to manage students and completions. And if you subscribe to their newsletter they'll teach you heaps as well – if you're teachable, that is.

Internet provider

Love this unlimited plan!


I've been with FuzeNet for several years now. Not so long ago they switched (I think all) their plans to unlimited data. Uptime is excellent and on the rare occasion I spoke to their customer service they wee very helpful and professional.

Secret tip: If you use this link to sign up with them you'll get a $50 eGift card for free!


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