The Heart of Auss

A poem by John M Wenitong, Queensland

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Uluru at sunrise
Photo: Björn Ritter
I've seen the Rock at the break of day
And it seems so right for a place to stay
A place in Law to live love and pass away
For the people of my Dreaming

That road to Rock bin bitumen—all-da-way
But worth the wait when you stay
See shards of light that cut bend break and shape
The heart of the land of The People

Long time ago there was nothing else
No plane no car no photocells
And we walk and we talk and believe the land
And bond together in little bands

Then came the pale one and he took stock
Will we paint it will we sell it
It is Our rock to do to have to colour blue
And the people felt old life was through

Now we all live together in this big land
and most of our country is covered with sand
But there in the centre there stands
our heart a sacred place to make a stand

A solid multi-hued rock of our new start
And our heart in the land of the people

Thanks John for sending me this poem! (Note: "The Rock" is a nickname for Uluru, formerly Ayers Rock).

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