Disruption is not a dirty word – Amy Thunig

Amy encourages us to stop idealising those who committed atrocities against Aboriginal people and instead tell the truth and dare challenge a system that is too mute.

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Gamilaroi woman Amy Thunig is an academic working at Macquarie University.

She is passionate about incorporating Aboriginal knowledge into formal education, empowering Aboriginal students and academics and pushing decolonisation in Australia.

Her work was recognised at the 2019 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards when she was named co-winner of the Emerging Female Leader in Government or Public Sector for her outstanding academic and community leadership.

Amy is part of the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, a not-for-profit organisation which advises state and Commonwealth bodies on Aboriginal education and training. Amy is also a freelance media writer for publications such as The Guardian, Junkee and IndigenousX.

In this talk she motivates listeners to stop being passive about Aboriginal struggles and protest and get informed, take action and challenge the system that governs us – in other words, disrupt the status quo.

I do not want to join you in that existing system. I want you to join me in challenging it.

— Amy Thunig