The truth about life in an orphanage – Sheila Humphries

In this emotional talk, Aunty Sheila Humphries recalls her life at an orphanage and the stories behind photos that appear benign to the uninformed eye.

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"This story is not a pretty one” begins Aunty Sheila Humphries, who, as a child, was taken from her parents and placed in an orphanage by authorities who thought they knew best.

One voice of the Stolen Generations, Sheila, with many other Aboriginal children, suffered cruelty and neglect that has shaped her as an adult. The effects are still impacting on Sheila’s life, and her moving and emotional  story is about a part of Australian history we must never forget.

A story we all need to know.

Sheila Humphries is a Noongar elder, acclaimed artist, story teller and educator. Her work has been displayed internationally and is included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest piece of Aboriginal artwork.

Warning: Mature themes, and the video contains images of Aboriginal people who have passed away.