What is it like to be Aboriginal? – Cally Jetta

Cally and her husband make different experiences because of their different skin colour. And what's her son's response to the question "Are you an Abo?"

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Listen to a young contemporary Aboriginal women's experiences which might sound all too familiar to you. She challenges our common notion of reconciliation and suggests that it's non-Aboriginal people who have to fill their gaps of knowledge before they can join Aboriginal people.

To build a harmonious future, she proposes that we need to think differently and address our nation's history honestly.

Cally Jetta is passionate about Aboriginal education and working with at-risk teens. She lives in Mandurah on Noongar country and has taught secondary students for 10 years. Cally administers the Blackfulla Revolution Facebook page - an Aboriginal activism and education forum that encourages and supports understanding and respect between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.