Aboriginal books

Anthologies (10)

Aunty Ruth Hegarty - Bittersweet Journey

Bittersweet Journey

John Ogden - Portraits From a Land Without People

Portraits From a Land Without People

Indigenous Etchings—Black and Sexy

Indigenous Etchings—Black and Sexy

This Country Anytime Anywhere

This Country Anytime Anywhere

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Arts (30)

Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson - Marie Geissler, Ken McGregor

Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson

Lisa Di Tommaso - The Art of The First Fleet

The Art of the First Fleet

Seva Frangos -  Timothy Cook - Dancing with the Moon

Timothy Cook - Dancing with the Moon

Margo Birnberg - What is Aboriginal art?

What is Aboriginal art?

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Business and Economy (5)

How To Start An Aboriginal Business - Neil Willmett

How to Start a Successful Aboriginal Business in Australia

Ian Keen - Aboriginal Economy and Society

Aboriginal Economy and Society

Lesley Williams, Tammy Williams - Not Just Black And White

Not Just Black and White

Will Sanders - Engaging Indigenous Economy

Engaging Indigenous Economy

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Children (64)

Sally Morgan - Sister Heart

Sister Heart

Bruce Pascoe - Fog a Dox

Fog a Dox

Ezekiel Kwaymullina - My Country

My Country

Warren Brim - ABC Dreaming

ABC Dreaming

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Education (1)

Dr Chris Sarra - Good Morning Mr Sarra

Good Morning, Mr Sarra

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Fiction, Novels (52)

A Kinchela Boy - Christopher Bevan

A Kinchela Boy

Lance Morcan, James Morcan - White Spirit

White Spirit

Paris Dreaming - Anita Heiss

Paris Dreaming

Julie Janson - The Crocodile Hotel

The Crocodile Hotel

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Health (10)

Noongar Bush Medicine

Dale Chapman - Coo-ee Cuisine Bush Food Cookbook

Coo-ee Cuisine Bush Food Cookbook

Maggie Brady - First Taste

First Taste—How Indigenous Australians Learned About Grog

Maggie Brady - Indigenous Australia and Alcohol Policy – Meeting Difference with Indifference

Indigenous Australia and Alcohol Policy

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History (68)

Aboriginal Australians - Richard Broome

Aboriginal Australians

Trustees on Trial - Rosalind Kidd

Trustees on Trial: Recovering the Stolen Wages

Survival In Our Own Land - Christobel Mattingley

Survival in Our Own Land

Mari Nawi: Aboriginal Odysseys - Keith Vincent Smith

Mari Nawi: Aboriginal Odysseys

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Humour, Cartoons (2)

Jackie French - Shipwreck, Sailors and 60,000 Years

Shipwreck, Sailors and 60,000 Years

Anita Heiss - Sacred Cows

Sacred Cows

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Land (16)

Kate Glaskin - Crosscurrents: Law and Society in a Native Title Claim to Land and Sea

Crosscurrents: Law and Society in a Native Title Claim to Land and Sea

Deborah Bird Rose - Country of the Heart

Country of the Heart

Fire and Hearth: A study of Aboriginal usage and European usurpation in south-western Australia

Fire and Hearth

Heather Goodall: Invasion to Embassy: Land in Aboriginal Politics in New South Wales, 1770-1972

Invasion to Embassy

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Language (4)

David Horton - Aboriginal Australia Wall Map

Aboriginal Australia Wall Map

Adam Kendon - Sign Languages of Aboriginal Australia

Sign Languages of Aboriginal Australia

Diana Eades - Aboriginal ways of using English

Aboriginal ways of using English

Bruce Moore - The Australian National Dictionary

The Australian National Dictionary

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Law & Justice (4)

Gone For A Song - Jeff Waters

Gone for a Song: Death and Desperation in the Deep North

Thalia Anthony - Indigenous People, Crime and Punishment

Indigenous People, Crime and Punishment

Henry Reynolds - The Law of the Land

The Law of the Land

Don Weatherburn - Arresting Incarceration

Arresting Incarceration: Pathways out of Indigenous Imprisonment

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Mythology (5)

Bruce Chatwin - The Songlines

The Songlines

Singing the Coast - Tony Perkins, Margaret Somerville

Singing the Coast

Oodgeroo Noonuccal - Stradbroke Dreamtime

Stradbroke Dreamtime

May O'Brien - Bawoo Stories

Bawoo Stories

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People (32)

Snake Dancing - Roberta Sykes

Snake Dancing

Maybe Tomorrow - Boori (Monty) Pryor

Maybe Tomorrow

Bill Neidjie - Old Man's Story

Old Man’s Story

Kurt Barling - The 'R' Word

The ‘R’ Word

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Personal Reports and Experiences (42)

John Pilger - A Secret Country

A Secret Country

Stan Grant - Tears of Strangers

Tears of Strangers

The Rainbow Beach Man—The Life of Les Ridgeway - John Ramsland

The Rainbow Beach Man—The Life of Les Ridgeway

Marie Munkara - Of Ashes and Rivers That Flow to the Sea

Of Ashes and Rivers That Flow to the Sea

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Politics (16)

Aileen Moreton-Robinson - Sovereign Subjects: Indigenous Sovereignty Matters

Sovereign Subjects: Indigenous Sovereignty Matters

Alison Holland - Just Relations

Just Relations

Kevin Gilbert - Because a White Man'll Never Do it

Because a White Man’ll Never Do it

The Intervention - An Anthology

The Intervention: An anthology

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Spirituality & Poetry (13)

Alison Whittaker - Lemons in the Chicken Wire

Lemons in the Chicken Wire

Burraga Gutya, Ken Canning - Yimbama


Litte Bit Long Time - Ali Cobby Eckermann

Litte Bit Long Time

Islam Dreaming - Peta Stephenson

Islam Dreaming: Indigenous Muslims in Australia

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Sport (11)

Matthew Klugman, Gary Osmond - Black and Proud: The Story of an Iconic AFL Photo

Black and Proud: The Story of an Iconic AFL Photo

John Maynard - The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe

The Aboriginal Soccer Tribe

Sean Gorman - Legends - The AFL Indigenous Team of the Century 1905-2005

Legends - The AFL Indigenous Team of the Century 1905-2005

Dizzy - The Jason Gillespie Story - Jason Gillespie, Lawrie Colliver

Dizzy: The Jason Gillespie Story

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Textbooks, Teaching, Studies (47)

Belinda Wheeler - A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature

A Companion to Australian Aboriginal Literature

Christos Tsiolkas, Gideon Haigh, Alexis Wright - Tolerance, Prejudice and Fear

Fear, Prejudice, Tolerance

Gary Johns - Aboriginal Self-Determination

Aboriginal Self-Determination

Deborah Wilson - Different White People

Different White People: Radical Activism for Aboriginal Rights 1946-1972

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Travel (4)

Aboriginal Sydney - Melinda Hinkson

Aboriginal Sydney

Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait Islands

Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait Islands

Melbourne Dreaming: A Guide to the Aboriginal Places of Melbourne - Meyer Eidelson

The Melbourne Dreaming

Aboriginal Darwin: A Guide to Exploring Important Sites of the Past and Present - Toni Bauman, Samantha Wells

Aboriginal Darwin

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Are textbooks still useful?

Teaching has come a long way from purely textbook-based to spanning text, video, audio and games. With students’ attention spans decreasing and information breaking down into smaller bite sizes teachers are questioning the usefulness of books at school.

Textbooks still have a few advantages:

  • Good for novice teachers. Beginning teachers can benefit from a detailed outline of the material to be covered and the design of each lesson.
  • Organised units of work. A textbook gives you all the plans and lessons you need to cover a topic in some detail.
  • Structured information. Books provide you with a chronological presentation of information. They usually contain a detailed sequence of teaching procedures that tell you what to do and when to do it.

Good textbooks are excellent teaching aids. They’re a resource for both teachers and students.

Some teachers found that students are not motivated to read textbooks. They have had success with phasing out books and replacing them with practical exercises that are relevant to their students’ daily life experiences.

It is probably good to not use textbooks as the only resource for students. Use it as a guide, not a mandate and be free to modify, change, eliminate, or add to the material in the textbook using videos, films, music and interactive materials.

Choosing an Aboriginal textbook

In my opinion there is nothing better than learning directly from Aboriginal authors. I have witnessed their pain and suffering, their resilience and creativity as well as their joy and community by reading first-hand accounts of their lives. For this reason I have marked the author’s heritage accordingly for all books listed on CreativeSpirits.info.

Be careful with books by non-Aboriginal authors. Do they have an agenda? Are they based on myths or old colonial ideas? Are they painting Aboriginal culture only in a positive, glorifying light?

Even contemporary curriculum-approved books can get it wrong and teach “seasons and animals” followed directly by “Aboriginal seasons”, perpetuating the idea that Aboriginal people are somehow linked to flora and fauna.

It might be a good idea to talk to Aboriginal teachers to learn about their perspective and check if they have recommendations.

Finding a book

I’ve tried to help you find the book you are after with the following resources:

For the latest book releases on Aboriginal Australia shop securely in my Aboriginal Book Store.

Tip: If you dont’ know where to begin check out my Aboriginal Start Pack which contains the essential DVDs, CDs and books to get you started.

The Australian National University has studies on particular themes or regions, or a series of articles on single subjects of contemporary Indigenous topics offered as free Indigenous books for download. The Digital Book Index also keeps a list of free Aboriginal books.

Can’t find your favourite Aboriginal books?

Try a search at Fishpond, Australia’s largest supplier, cheaper than Amazon.


Or search a list of Aboriginal books from the Aboriginal Studies Press on Fishpond.

Aboriginal book publishers

Books for the Australian Curriculum

If you are looking for books about Aboriginal history and culture for the Australian Curriculum check out Booktopia's collection of textbooks.

Amazon offers a number of educational teaching books.

Magabala Books offers teacher's notes to some of its children's books.

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