Black Woman

Black Woman by Frank Doolan

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Black Woman, Black Woman, my mother the earth,
Soul of my substance the rich black dirt,
Coloured blood red a black man's blood,
Absorbed for eternity by your endless love.

You gave birth to me just yesterday,
What makes you think I drifted away?
You sheltered my soul from the genocide,
What I feel for you is absolute pride.

I'm Young and I'm Vital, I'm Black and I'm Free.
If I hurt you I'm sorry, I'm just being me.
Times they're a changing and people change too,
That don't mean I changed how I feel for you…

'Cause you are forever my mother the earth,
The soul of my substance the rich black dirt.
Coloured blood red, a Black Man's blood,
Absorbed for eternity by your endless love. 

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