Galiny Bulmba (Come to my place)

Galiny Bulmba (Come to my place) by K L Burns, New South Wales

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My land is a secret dreaming
My home is a sacred blessing
And all the stories were handed down
In the night by the firelight, gather around.

Can't you hear the voice of the wind?
As it blows through the trees and over land.

This land who is my mother
'Nyundu Myngal Mgarrangany'
'You now know why'.

Taught me from the moment I was born
Underneath the sacred palm or maybe the paperbark tree
To listen with wonder
To walk, speak and carry myself.

Naked I was born
Tribal I existed
Into nature's grand scheme
I was enlisted
'Ngali Binda Duruwawal Bunjida'
Because 'tears are from my eyes and I walk' now...

But I am not alone
And I am still filled with wonder
And I am in awe...
The wind told me who I was
The law-giving wedge-tailed eagle
Made me take sacred oaths to protect my old people.

'Watch out, boy'
'Them old black people are still in the bush, you know'
'Don't offend them'.

I will carry my wooden shield and spear,
Can you see it?
I will always make sure that I am not alone
When I walk through my ancient land.

'Watch out boy'
'Remember now what I taught you'
'Old man, you are my only father'
'Remember now'.

Ngayu Galing Bulmba Nyundu Yinan
(Come to my place because you will be welcome). 

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