Mother Earth

A poem by Nola Gregory, Western Australia.

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Mother Earth

I belong to this land

It runs through my veins

It’s the earth in my bones

It’s the dry dusty plains

It’s the whispering wind

As she blows through the sand

It’s the sparkling salt water

That trickles through my hands

It’s the feeling I get

When I return to my place

It’s deep down inside me

It’s my Mother Earth space.

I belong to this Country
I’ve walked in her dust
I have weathered her storms
I have learned from her past

It is respect for my Mother
It meanders through my mind
It clings to my spirit
To my soul it does bind

It’s that feeling I get
When I walk in this place
It’s deep down inside me
It’s my Mother Earth space

Thank you, Nola, for sharing your poem!

Homework: Reflect on the poem

  • Aboriginal people say that 'the land owns them' and not they own the land. How is this reflected in this poem?
  • Find as many words as you can that describe the emotions this poem evokes.
  • Write a reply poem that the land tells Nola. (Send it to me and I'll forward it to her!)
  • Paint a picture of the place that you see before your inner eye when you read the poem.

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