New Horizons

A poem by Sandra Gaal Hayman, Mount Annan, NSW.

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Sold! Show me how No, thank you

I heard your cries 
I saw your pain
Innocence lost 
Power was gained

Nowhere to run
But still how you tried 
People around you 
All said you lied

You stayed in the shadows
Silent screams in the night
Distance the nightmares
Wanting everything right

Where are you going? 
And where have you been 
You needed some comfort 
But seldom was seen

Look to the distance
Tell me what do you see?
A brand new horizon
A new place to be

Spread forth your wings 
Though wet they may feel
You’re finally safe
And you’re being real

Take off the blindfold 
You’re in bondage no more
A brand new beginning
As you start to soar

Thank you Sandra for sending in your poetry!

Homework: Reflect on the poem

  • Who is staying "in the shadows"?
  • What do you think happened that turned things around?
  • Discuss what "bondage" and "blindfold" might stand for.

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