Pass it on

A poem by Michele ‘Mickey’ Hetherington, NSW.

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Before its gone remind me 
Show me where the wildflowers grow
Teach me our stories from long ago
Who made the sunrise, where does the moon go?

Walk me back to the land that owns me, 
Through the trees that know my name 
The animals, plants and birds, we are but the same 
On the dust of our earth lay me down.

I am home again.

Mickey explains her poem:

"Pass It On... [is] basically about wishing more Aboriginal people could be out on the land being taught by the Elders [about] the beauty of our culture and what happened in our past, handing down to our children the amazing life of our people and the land that we are from.

"The greatest time I ever had was travelling across Australia with my family when I was 11 years of age, like the Leyland Brothers [TV documentary series stars] we went hard core, no motels, no showers for days. We climbed boab trees in the middle of the NT in the middle of nowhere, we were taken to see secret cave paintings walked miles to hidden waterholes and stood at the base of Uluru where you can feel every soul that ever lived."

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