A poem by Zelda Quakawoot, Mackay, Queensland

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Sold! Show me how No, thank you

They arrived in chains
Stolen quietly from their lands
Also taken violently
Under a white man’s command

Dispersed from their kinsmen
Many became all alone
In a land called the New Colony
A horrid history arose

This new history of progress
Of wealth to behold
Not a whisper to any
Chained up in the hull,

A history of slavery!
Where stories not shared
Of coloured bans and policies
Of poison and dread

The history of change
For another’s demise
First Nation Australians
Also fought to survive

The history still lingers
Maybe the eras have changed
The incarceration of freedom
Is just progress in chains!

Free all the slaves
They serve you each day
Down on their knees
It’s for happiness they pray

You can never reimburse
Or return to the past
These actions were owned
By those the “Unjust”

We must remember within
Australian’s cultural vies
Exist the descendants
From the slaves of that time...

This poem is an ode to a Stolen Generation, taken for slavery, from the Pacific Islands.

Thank you Zelda for sharing your poem!

Note: "vies" is used as the plural of "vy" which, according to the Urban Dictionary, refers to "the prettiest girl that a human being can ever lay eyes on and the walking definition of what a beautiful girl is supposed to be".

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