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  1. The New South Wales Aboriginal Welfare Board is abolished. The trust accounts are closed down and the remaining funds transferred to the Department of Youth and Community Services.

  2. Aborigines Welfare Board in NSW is abolished. By 1969 all states have repealed the legislation allowing for the removal of Aboriginal children under the policy of ‘protection’. In the following years, Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Agencies (AICCAs) are set up to contest removal applications and provide alternatives to the removal of Indigenous children from their families.

  3. Aborigines Advisory Council set up.

  4. The federal government establishes the National Aboriginal Sports Foundation to help finance sports activities.

  5. An Aboriginal delegation goes to New York and presents a statement on Australian Aboriginal people to the office of the UN Secretary-General.

  6. Politics

    Palawa man Andrew David Kennedy is elected as a Labor member to the Australian House of Representatives in the by-election for the seat of Bendigo. He holds the seat until his defeat at the 1972 federal election. Kennedy’s First Nations heritage was unknown when he entered parliament nor did he self-identify as Aboriginal at that time. For these reasons Neville Bonner is recorded as the first Aboriginal parliamentarian (in 1971).


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