Ancient Australia Unearthed



Ancient Australia Unearthed draws on archaeology to map 50,000 years of Australia's ancient past. It traces the evidence that is etched into the skin of this country to unearth the rich and complex history of this unique island continent.

Ancient Australia Unearthed directly addresses the Australian Curriculum's history topic ‘Ancient Australia’ and the HSC Ancient History ‘Ancient Australia’ unit which was added in 2018.

It will also have a broad appeal for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of, and a deeper appreciation for, one of the world’s greatest stories of isolation, resilience and survival.

This text collates and presents existing research and available resources in a way that will assist teachers and students with the Australian Curriculum depth study unit 'Ancient Australia'.

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Harvard citation

Korff, J 2018, Ancient Australia Unearthed, <>, retrieved 26 June 2019

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