Anna The Goanna



Anna The Goanna is a collection of poems written to reflect the real world, dreams and imaginings of Aboriginal children.

It is a wonderful introduction to Indigenous culture now read by students of all skin colours across Australia.

Aboriginal children from Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory helped shape the poems which let the reader meet cheeky dogs, slippery snakes and crocodiles with big smiles who join Anna the goanna.

You are taken into children's daily adventures and family traditions like camping under the stars, hunting for bush tucker (food), and playing footy in the dust, but also the more sobering and sensitive issues of grog and petrol-sniffing.

Anna The Goanna is suitable for children of ages 11 to 12 years and was designed specially for school performances.

My father goes hunting for turkey,
My brother goes hunting for toys,
My mum and my nanna,
Go hunting goanna,
But sister goes hunting for boys!"

Going Hunting in Anna The Goanna

Anna The Goanna - sample page

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