Baal Belbora – The End of the Dancing



In this unique book, Geoffrey Blomfield has set out to tell the complete story of black-white relations in a small and ‘manageable’ area – the “Falls Country” around the headwaters of the Manning, Macleay and Hastings Rivers on the south eastern edge of the New England Tableland, in New South Wales.

His local knowledge has enabled him to draw out from the descendants of white settlers and black victims a wealth of information about the early massacres in the district, which no passing historian or outsider could hope to match.

This book should be read by every white Australian who possesses a heart and a head. — Professor Russell Ward, noted Australian historian

I regard your gift of Baal Belbora to me as one of the nicest things that have come my way from Australia in the last twenty or so years. — Professor John Joseph Healy, American authority on Australian writing

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