Black Robinson: Protector of Aborigines



A greedy, vain and unscrupulous man bent on self-aggrandisment—this controversial study of George ('Black') Robinson, first Chief Protector of Aborigines in Australia, reveals a man long held to be the worthy civiliser and Christianiser of Tasmanian Aboriginal people to have been a monster of deceit and a betrayer of those it was his role to protect a man who made perhaps the most repellent contribution of all to what was to become the decimation of Tasmania's nations.

About the Author

Vivienne Rae-Ellis had a wide variety of working experience as a professional actress, newspaper columnist, radio script-writer and public relations officer before she began writing books. Among her many published titles are biographies of Trucanini and Louisa Anne Meredith.

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Harvard citation

Korff, J 2019, Black Robinson: Protector of Aborigines, <>, retrieved 16 June 2019

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