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Dharawal---The story of the Dharawal-speaking people of Southern Sydney has become quite a success story and is being taken up as a textbook for most public schools in the area of Southern Sydney.

Dharawal gives an intimate insight into the life and activities of the Dharawal Aboriginal people and revives their language and customs.

Two respected academics, Les Bursill and Mary Jacobs, have thoroughly researched the book which has received the approval of the Elders of the Dharawal Community at La Perouse—a rare treat for a book about Aboriginal culture.

Les Bursill and Mary Jacobs are residents of the area under research. Les Bursill is an Aboriginal man with a comprehensive understanding of the Southern Sydney Aboriginal community with both his heritage and a strong academic background to support his work.

Mary Jacobs is a highly respected teacher and trainer with TAFE NSW and has strong connections to the Aboriginal community.

Dharawal is an excellent start for your adventure into Aboriginal culture. You can quench your thirst for more with the book's six pages of recommended literature.

Table of contents

  • Welcome to Country
  • Understanding Country
  • Kinship
  • Families
  • Women's Business
  • Men's Business
  • Body Decoration
  • Habitats
  • Good Corroboree
  • Art Styles
  • Art Tools
  • Patterns and Symbols
  • Local Words and their Meanings
  • Some Words of Sydney Aboriginal Groups
  • Since 1770 [About famous Aboriginal people]
  • The Tigers of Southwest Arm
  • Flag
  • Often-asked Questions
  • Good Books to Read
  • General References
  • Indigenous Contacts
  • Australian National Anthem in the Dharawal Language

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