Dream Time

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It is the 1970's when Rachel takes a gap-year from university. As today, the world is reaching towards global peace but Rachel finds her own demons in Australia.

Stranded at the monsoon end of the continent she tries to study, but her life soon becomes like a nightmare. Trapped, she dreams of escape.

She learns how ancient Aboriginal people lived a wise walking dream, living in harmony with nature and the Earth. But old scores are waiting to be settled and it could be Rachel who has to pay.

Will she wake up in time to remember who she really is and why she has been led to this strange new world?

Join the enigmatic tale of love, birth, murder and how a whole culture was betrayed. How for one woman, the recognition of her inherent connection brought freedom. Dare to believe in miracles. The time to live The Dream is here.

About the author

Sarah Starr was born in London and has since lived throughout the UK and Australia. After a career in nursing she became a complementary therapist and spiritual healer and still works in this field today. She is married with two step children and lives in Sussex with her husband.

Dream Time is her first novel.

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