Elephants in the bush and other Yamatji yarns



A huge snake takes refuge under the body of a napping grandfather. A sixteen year old girl keeps three hundred head of cattle together for a couple of weeks without loosing a beast.

A young Aboriginal boy witnesses a man being thrown off a train onto a remote railway siding for being Jewish. Two trackers lead a police party deep into the desert to apprehend a murderer and rescue a young, abducted woman.

From station life to dusty outback towns, Clarrie Cameron recreates the campfire yarns of his past on the page by deftly weaving together anecdote, wit and allegory.

He captures the peculiarities and contradictions of human nature which readers all over the world will instantly recognise.

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Korff, J 2018, Elephants in the bush and other Yamatji yarns, <>, retrieved 23 September 2020

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