False Claims of Colonial Thieves

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From well-known poets John Kinsella and Charmaine Papertalk-Green comes a tête-à-tête that is powerful, thought provoking and challenges what we think we know about our country, colonisation and how we understand our land.

Striking conversations surrounding childhood, life, love, mining, death, respect and diversity; imbued by silken Yamatji sensibility and sublimely responded to by the son of a foreman from South Champion Mine.

This extraordinary publication weaves two differing points of view together as Papertalk-Green and Kinsella's words traverse this land and reflect back to us all, our many identities and quiet voices.

'A gentle whisper from the past Visits me in my dreams Or is it the future that I see ... '

About the authors

Charmaine Papertalk Green was born in 1962 at Eradu railway siding on the Greenough River between Mullewa and Geraldton in Western Australia. Her mother is Margaret Green (nee Papertalk) of the Wajarri and her father is Charlie Green of the Bardimia.

John Kinsella is the author of more than thirty books whose many prizes and awards include The Grace Leven Poetry Prize, the John Bray Award for Poetry from The Adelaide Festival, The Age Poetry Book of The Year Award, The Western Australian Premier’s Book Award for Poetry (three times), a Young Australian Creative Fellowship from the former PM of Australia, Paul Keating, and senior Fellowships from the Literature Board of The Australia Council.

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