First Nations of Australia Principals of Culture Bible

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The Spirituality belief of the First Nations has been disregarded by other cultures and their religion.

Over the years some of the First Nations people have lost the basic principals and lores of their culture.

It is acknowledged that some tribes and clans have different lores, however there are a few principals of First Nations people that are the same regardless where you are in Australia.

The First Nations belief in spirituality and European religion can and do co-exist.

The First Nations of Australia Principals of Culture Bible offers some of the main lores of the First Nations culture, including creator stories of the Dreaming.

About the author

Patricia Frail is a Ngemba woman from Brewarrina, New South Wales, with three sisters and one brother. She left school when she was 14, mourned the death of her mother at 15, and became pregnant at 16. Patricia has five children and four grandchildren. Despite no formal education she secured senior positions and worked tirelessly for the communities.

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