Islam Dreaming: Indigenous Muslims in Australia

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Indigenous Australians are increasingly finding in Islam the possibility of reconnection with lost Indigenous traditions and a model of community unavailable elsewhere.

But this is not a new story. From the Makassan trepang fisherman of Arnhem Land, the Malay pearl-divers of Broome, through the Afghan camel drivers of the interior, Muslims have lived and worked in Australia for over three centuries, and were among the earliest peoples to form connections with Indigenous Australians.

Islam Dreaming tells the stories of Australia's Indigenous Muslims, it explores what Indigenous men and women from around Australia have to tell us about their varied encounters with Islam.

These cross-cultural encounters have left their traces in the law, language, culture and economic organisation.

Islam Dreaming is full of reflections, insights and personal revelations. It opens up new perspectives on Aboriginal Muslim contacts, and is a rich resource for all students of Australian history.

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