Lands of Shame

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Land of Shame: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander "Homelands" in Transition is a controversial and hard-hitting survey and evaluation of why the "homelands" experiment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander settlements has failed miserably.

It reviews the evidence on demographic trends, law and order, land rights, joblessness and welfare, education, health, housing and governance.

The author assesses Commonwealth, State and Territory policies that she believes have stifled traditional culture and promoted alcoholism, violence, welfare dependency and social dysfunction.

She proposes policies and ways in which communities can sustain themselves and prosper. A challenging read, complete with extensive source notes and references and a detailed index.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Historical background
  • Demographic trends
  • Security and the law
  • Land rights and land councils
  • Property rights and communal enterprises
  • Joblessness, welfare dependence and income distribution
  • Education
  • Health and life expectancy
  • Housing
  • Local government
  • Hyperbole or reality?
  • A progress report card
  • Communities helping themselves
  • Way ahead for the "homelands"

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