Ngana ngai? Who am I?



Based on a previously successful children's book, Who Am I? introduces young readers to both native animals and the concept of Aboriginal language – in this case the Kaurna language, from South Australia.

Learn the Kaurna words for animals such as parrot, wombat, kangaroo, cockatoo and echidna and discover a simple fact about each animal.

The text runs in both English and Kaurna, and there is a simple pronunciation chart included.

At the back of the book, find out more about Kaurna life and customs and also about how Aboriginal languages can be found in the National Library of Australia's collections.

Illustrated with close-up images of the animals, this book is immediate and engaging, and highlights beautiful natural history illustrations.

Published to celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages (2019).

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Harvard citation

Korff, J 2019, Ngana ngai? Who am I?, <>, retrieved 17 October 2019

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