Nyuntu Ninti: What You Should Know



Meaning ‘what you should know’, Nyuntu Ninti is written in the words of Bob Randall (c.1934–2015), a Yankunytjatjara elder, songwriter and NAIDOC Person of the Year, 1999.

In this beautiful photographic book for young children, Bob explains the longevity of Aboriginal people and the connection of the Anangu people to Uluru, the surrounding country and to all living things. He highlights the importance of looking after the land and living in harmony with it, and the Anangu people′s relationship to all that is around them, and why we must learn to care for the earth, its plants and its creatures.

′My name is Bob Randall and I′m an Anangu man from Uluru. Not many people know much about us. That′s why I want to share some things with you. Things about us. About our land. Things you may not have heard before.′

Based on the award-winning documentary KANYINI, NYUNTU NINTI, meaning ′what you should know′, teaches us about the people who are at the heart of our country.

Children′s Book Council Notable Book 2009

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