Our Birds: Nilimurrungu Wayin Malanynha



A delightful gift book of birds from around Yirrkala, which is Siena's home in North East Arnhem Land.

This beautiful liitle book includes the English and Yolnu names of the birds and their Yolnu moiety. In Yolnu culture, everything is divided into two moieties: Yirritja and Dhuwa – and as a result all things are classified, from a body of water to a specific type of tree and all our birds.

Birds give themselves their Yolnu name by the sounds they make. "There are so many birds in Arnhem Land it is difficult to keep count", says Siena, however she has been able to capture some for this whimsical little title.

Our Birds also includes beautifully captured landscapes from a child's perspective. When Siena was 12 years old, she took up photography on her iPad, but was gifted a camera from her aunty. In a short period of time, Siena was an avid photographer and had published her own book of birds. This book is the result of that inspiration.

“I feel like I want to spread the message to the world and Australia, I want to show them the special side of North East Arnhem Land.” Hear Siena talking about the book on NITV.

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