Serious Whitefella Stuff -- When solutions became the problem in Indigenous affairs

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Most of us have never been to a remote Aboriginal community. All we know is what we hear in the media about the failure of government policies, the turnover of programs, the slow rate of change.

But what is happening on the ground and why are the problems so intractable? How does Aboriginal policy signed off in Canberra work, or not, when implemented in remote Aboriginal communities?

Serious Whitefella Stuff takes us to remote communities to show how Aboriginal people and frontline workers are struggling to turn policy and programs into workable practice.

What, they ask, is the right balance between respecting local traditions and making significant improvement in the areas of alcohol consumption, home ownership, and revitalising cultural practices?

Each case study, whether it focuses on attempts to prohibit alcohol, revive culture or grapple with housing issues, seeks to capture the day-to-day complexities of the problems faced, and how many of these problems are exacerbated or even caused by policymakers who "remain blissfully detached" from the realities on the ground.

About the Author

Mark Moran leads the Development Effectiveness research cluster at the Institute of Social Science Research, The University of Queensland. His career spans academia, non-for-profit organisations, government and consultancy work. Mark has a unique background of technical and social science research with a degree in civil engineering and a PhD in governance and participatory planning. His primary research focus is the social science of adaptive development practice, understanding its capabilities, conditions, frameworks and accountabilities. His extensive publication record includes journal publications, media, and consultancy reports.

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