Seven Sisters of the Pleiades

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The seven sisters of the Pleiades are known throughout the world and appear again and again in stories from many cultures.

Beginning with her grandmother's tale, Aunty Munya Andrews takes the reader to the stars, around and across the planet through Indigenous North America, Australia, Japan and the Pacific, and back through time to Ancient Egypt, India, Greece and South America.

She explores the commonalities of legends to discover our common human origins. 

The Subaru from Japan share much with the young women depicted as birds in the stories from Greece and Aboriginal Australia. The Pleiades have been the source of much mythology, wisdom and science over many millennia.

The book is also an examination of culture and how culture is expressed through symbols and stories related to stars and other astronomical phenomena.

Her work is distinguished from other studies in the field because she brings to it an Aboriginal perspective which enriches its interpretative power. No other writer has captured the richness of this mysterious constellation. 

About the Author

Aunty Munya Andrews is a Bardi woman from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She trained as a lawyer and has worked in academia and in comedy. Among her interests she lists parachuting, bungee jumping and flying.

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