Songlines – Tracking the Seven Sisters

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Songlines – Tracking the Seven Sisters is a companion to the National Museum of Australia's blockbuster Aboriginal-led exhibition of the same name.

It explores the history and meaning of songlines, the Dreaming or creation tracks that crisscross the Australian continent, of which the Seven Sisters songline is one of the most extensive.

Through stunning artworks (many created especially for the exhibition), story, and in-depth analysis, the book will provide the definitive resource for those interested in finding out more about these complex pathways of spiritual, ecological, economic, cultural, and ontological knowledge – the stories 'written in the land'.

Songlines takes readers on a journey into the heart of Australia – with intrigue, desire, drama, passion, and beauty – and to connect with the songlines of the Seven Sisters. It is the result of years of research and collaboration with knowledge custodians, traditional owners, and artists. Rich in Aboriginal voices and stories, it features full colour plates of paintings, rock art, and sculptures and showcases stunning photography of artists, performers, and the Western and Central desert landscapes.

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